APAVE Asia – Pacific attending the 150th anniversary of APAVE Group

2017 is the special year, marking the 150th anniversary of APAVE Group – France, the leading Group in Europe and all over the world in risk control. This is an important and significant event for Group as well as all APAVE subsidiaries around the world.



On March 14th, Zone 5 delegation including leaders of APAVE Asia – Pacific and Asian subsidiaries such as APAVE Japan, APAVE China, APAVE Myanmar, APAVE Malaysia and APAVE Singapore attended this ceremony in Paris. Leading this delegation is Deputy General Director of APAVE International cum General Director of APAVE Asia – Pacific – Dr. Nguyen Cong Phu.

At the ceremony, the delegation met and discussed with APAVE subsidiaries and affiliates around the world about services and capabilities in many fields such as Railways, CE Marking, Construction and Law…The working sessions have opened many opportunities for cooperation, mutual support, using network and internationality of the Group.

In addition, the delegation participated in the seminar on Phoebus project, organized by APAVE International. This is a software that has been launched since 2016 to standardize all activities of non-French subsidiaries, from customer relationship management (CRM), quotation, implementation to invoices… All subsidiaries belonging APAVE International will have the same management platform, standardize the assessment of experts, standardize the deployment method and value to customers. This is also a marketing tool to empower the value of subsidiaries.

The official ceremony took place on March 17th, 2017, at 5-star Pullman hotel in Paris, welcoming nearly 300 participants from APAVE Group subsidiaries around the world , focus on objectives to be unified throughout APAVE Group to improve service quality, maintain APAVE’s reputation worldwide, deserve the “Mission of Trust”.

Especially, Gingko Bibola leaves are used as the symbol throughout the celebration.

The Ginkgo Biloba is a magnificent tree that can reach a height of up to 40 meters. Known sometimes as the “forty coin” or “silver apricot” tree, it is a member of the ginkgoaceae family, one of the oldest tree families in the world. It is for its ability to adapt to its environment while remaining true to itself that APAVE has chosen it as the symbol of its one –hundred –and- fiftieth anniversary.

The two stylized leaves depicted on the enclosed commemorative medallion remind us that to adapt is to live.

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