APAVE Asia – Pacific receiving the certification “Trusted Green – 2017”

On March 22nd 2017, APAVE Asia – Pacific received the certification of “Trusted Green 2017“. This certification is surveyed by Asia- Pacific Trust Index Assessment Center, supervised by the InterConformity – Germany and Global GTA – United Kingdom and issued by Vietnamese Enterprises Institute.

“Trusted Green” certification is a true measure for evidence of environmentally-friendly, energy-saving, safe, responsible actions and groundbreaking decisions toward to sustainable consumption. This accredited enterprise must meet the criterias according to international standards: Achieve a competitive advantage index; Products of the enterprise meet all standards of environmental friendliness; Conscious of sustainably saving energy consumption; Accountable to society; Have a sense of preventing negative impacts on the environment; Enterprises expand new market by creating green products.

During the 20 years of establishment and development in Vietnam and Asia region, APAVE Asia – Pacific has proven its ability and prestige in the market. Moreover, a highlight of APAVE’s theory – Serving Human – Organization and Country, is the safety for human and society. In the context of labor incidents occurring throughout the country, APAVE, with its responsibility to the community, launched the theory “QUALITY – SAFETY– GREEN & CLEAN” for all projects that APAVE are providing the consultancy services with the desire to contribute to reduce accidents, ensure safety and security for society.

This deep humanism, being for human has received the support and cooperation of many investors and partners, is APAVE’s commitment about Safety – Green & Clean buildings, during the process of construction, and building’s quality for today and tomorrow. Currently, at all the sites where APAVE performs the services of Project Management Consultancy and Construction Supervision Consultancy services, it always exists the commitment signal “Quality – Safety – Green& Clean”.

Trusted Green 2017” certification is a convincing evidence for APAVE’ s contributions to the development of society and community.

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