Apave is an international group specialising in risk management that has been in operation for over 150 years.

More than 12,000 employees. Passionate men and women.

In specific terms, what do we do? Our teams intervene at the request of our clients and undertake regulatory (or NOT) tasks related to risk management:

We provide services and expertise by means of 5 professional areas:

  1. INSPECTION: we inspect facilities, works, infrastructure or equipment.
  2. TRAINING: we are a leader in all different types of training related to technical security and risks in numerous areas – and that is our strength compared to our competitors.
  3. TESTS & MEASUREMENTS: we perform industrial tests and environmental measurements.
  4. CERTIFICATION & LABELS: we audit product, management and competency-based systems (ex. ISO) and we issue certifications or labels.
  5. CONSULTING & TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: we advise our clients in the management of their security and their risks.

To summarise, our business is allowing our clients to carry out theirs safely, by ensuring the safety of people, and infrastructure, environmental and digital security.

Some key figures in France and internationally:


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