On July 1st 2018, General Director of APAVE Asia – Pacific, Dr. Nguyen Cong Phu launched Charity Program in Northwest of Vietnam to support for 33 households who were damaged from terrible flash floods in the late of June, 2018. After delayed days due to weather condition, on August 22nd 2018, 16 members, on behalf of the APAVE Asia – Pacific and its branches and 2 partners including Deo Ca Investment JSC and Thu Duc House Development JSC, came through 600 km of the jouney from Ha Noi to Nam Cum village, Bum Nua commune, Muong Te, Lai Chau province to give presents to 33 households.

Come and see, we understand more about the poor life in Nam Cum village. Although the authorities and many organizations/individuals supported local people, but the consequence of floods and storms are still quite heavy. So that, we feel clearly the meaning of sharing of APAVE and our partners and clients.

The program was organized with the cooperation and support of the Lai Chau People’s Committee, Lai Chau External Relations Department, Red Cross of Muong Te, People’s Committee of Bum Nua commune. Muong Te radio station also reported on this event.

On behalf of APAVE, Mr. Le Viet Hai – Director of ODA Division shared his feeling about the journey to Muong Te, a beautiful feature of APAVE culture “for society, for community”.

Mr. Mao Van Phui – Vice Chairman of Bum Nua People’s Committee, on behalf of local authorities, expressed his sincere thanks for company’s kindness, devotion and enthusiasm in supporting local people without worrying about distant road.

Presents were given to 33 households, including cash and other necessities such as blankets, mats, mosquito nets, rice, noodle, milk … In addition, APAVE also gave 10 millions VND to Nam Cum school to support books and learning materials for children on new school year and 5 millions VND to Muong Te Red Cross to support health care.

Looking at radiant faces when receiving presents and poor life of local people, especially children’s ones, we were very moved and understood that “to give is to take”.

See you again, lovely Muong Te!

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