Right after the decision to loose social distancing as announced by the Vietnamese Government, APAVE Asia-Pacific signed a contract and has organized an electrical safety training course for Colas Rail Vietnam. This is a big French company in the field of railway, participating as a M&E contractor at metro line 3 project (Nhon – Hanoi Station).

APAVE Asia – Pacific with many advantages in Vietnam: Being certified by the Ministry of Public Security to be eligible to provide fire protection services, including electrical safety; has extensive experience in providing electrical safety assessment service for many projects in Vietnam … so Colas Rail Vietnam has believed to choose APAVE for this service.

The training course consists of 02 modules: (1) Raising awareness of electrical safety as required by Vietnamese law; (2) Advanced training, focus on practice.

Trainers are foreign experts, key persons of Colas Rail, especially with the participation of Mr. Jean – Jacques Largent – General Director of Colas Rail Vietnam because according to the provisions of law, the No. 1 person of each enterprise is the most responsible person before the law if any problem occurs.

Module 1 has been implemented from May 6 to May 9, 2020, the second module will be held in the coming time. Client has highly appreciated APAVE’s training quality, all participants felt that the training content was very useful for their current job.

In the coming time, APAVE will continue to provide this service for many clients, especially foreign clients.

Below are some photos of the training course:  


Dr. Nguyen Cong Phu meeting with trainers


Participants in the training course, including Mr. Jean – Jacques Largent – General Director of Colas Rail Vietnam




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