In December 2018, APAVE Asia – Pacific signed 2 contracts with 2 companies, who invested 2 Solar Power Plants in Tay Ninh province. These power plants named Bach Khoa A Chau Tay Ninh & Tri Viet Tay Ninh, located in Suoi Day & Tan Phu commune – Tan Chau District – Tay Ninh province – Viet Nam. These plants have a capacity of 30MW and after going into operation, they will supply electricity to the regional grid. The project has total investment up to 1200 billion VND.

The service delivered by APAVE in this project is PMC (Project Management Consultancy), which the main mission is to manage the project, ensure that the project shall be completed on schedule, meet the quality requirements and specifications according to Vietnamese construction laws & regulations, and also the requirements of the client.

The project will last for 6 months, with the goal of putting the plants into operation by the end of June 2019. Within 6 months, APAVE will perform not only Project Management Consultancy (PMC) but also Construction Supervision Consultancy (CSC) services with scope covering the following items:

– 2 Substations 110kV of 2 Solar Power Plants – main contractor PCC1

– Switch station – main contractor PCC1

– Transmission line (~ 8.4 km) – main contractor PCC1

– BKAC 30MWp Solar power plant – Chinese main contractor: An Huy 2

– Tri Viet 30MWp Solar power plant – Chinese main contractor: Hoa Viet 1

The specific tasks that APAVE performs during project implementation include:

– Manage and supervise construction

– Monitor the volume, quality and progress of each work item & the overall construction

– Ensure the safety, environmental sanitation on site

– Control documents during management & supervision

– Coordinate with the client for PMC task

After nearly 3 months of implementing the project, APAVE has proven the competence, professionalism and highly appreciated by client. Surely, APAVE will complete the mission successfully, contribute to the success of project.

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