(TBKTSG) The reopening of the international tourism market is being waited by many businesses, not only in the tourism industry but also in the transport industry. But how to both welcome international visitors and prevent the outbreak of the Covid-19 is a very difficult problem. The answer to this problem may lie in the epidemic risk management system in each business in the tourism supply chain.

The domestic tourism market is being stimulated strongly and showing signs of strong growth.Photo: Minh Duy.

Up to now, Vietnam have not had Covid cases in the community for more than three months. This is an impressive result which is recognized internationally, especially in the context of a global pandemic that has not tended to stop but is currently trends in movement from country to country.

Covid 19 pandemic will eventually have medical solutions to gradually eliminate or reduce harm in the community, but build a good sense of awareness and good management that will prepare us to cope with the situation. Other emergencies are similar in the recent pandemic. Remember that every country has a common concern that Covid-19 is reoccurring.

After the end of the social distancing, companies, manufacturers, restaurants, airports, tourist destinations … have gradually come back, life is almost back to normal, and reality is many organizations and individuals no longer care much about epidemic. However, with the seriousness of the harmful effects of the Covid 19 pandemic, the Party and the Government still have strong solutions to both prevent the pandemic and to promote business and production activities to ensure growth for the economy.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, Apave has developed a consulting service to support its customers first in France when the social distancing was announced, then globally, solutions to both ensure production business activites and preventing the spread of the epidemic are given.

“Ready to return after a pandemic” is a consulting and training service for businesses when re-operating after a pandemic, in order to provide important solutions in epidemic prevention, integrating into an existing system of businesses.

Through consultancy and training sessions, using the standardized Toolkit, businesses have a very powerful tool to analyze all activities at risk of infection and propose specific solutions to eliminate them.

Solutions towards ensuring an internal communication system for Covid 19 pandemic, using masks and antibacterial hand sanitizer, ensuring safe spacing arrangements, internal training to raise employee awareness, assessment of exposed surfaces (switches, doorknobs, faucets, phones, floors, chairs, tables, remote controls, etc.) and, when necessary, quick tests to assess the presence of virus variants, assessment of environmental factors and real monitoring of physical parameters (temperature, humidity, etc.) and air quality (Co2, Cov, particulate matter, etc.). for enclosed spaces like office buildings …

With effective pandemic control right from the start, according to experts, Vietnam will be one of the earliest reopened economies in Southeast Asia. The domestic tourism market is being stimulated strongly and showing signs of strong growth again, and also promises to recover the number of foreign visitors when the control measures are loosened.

However, with the reopening, there are risks of the possibility of recurrence of the disease, so businesses, especially in the tourism industry, need to have specific preparations for customers, not only international but also domestic visitors, feeling protected from the risk of epidemic. Only when customers feel secure and protected, they will boldly return.

Every study of traveling again has one of the main points (both psychological and practical) that tourism destination is safe from epidemic.

Being assessed and granted a “safe & clean” label by a reputable organization is one of the solutions businesses can consider implementing to prove to their customers that businesses really care about customer’s safety by eliminating risks of infection, effective social distancing in emergencies …

To practice safety standards under the “safe and clean” label, businesses must develop and practice a system that meets the following specific criterias:

  1. Identify all possible Covid-19 exposure situations to eliminate or minimize them.
  2. Establish appropriate organization to comply with the social distancing measure.
  3. Establish solutions to comply with barrier solutions
  4. Compliance and awareness raising among staff and all visitors:

o Measures to ensure safety for individuals and those around them

o Barriers, physical spacing solutions

o Other solutions

  1. Set up a protocol to solve when symptoms happen and people who are close contacts.
  2. Appoint a mentor and ensure the certification delivery is made

In conclusion, in the tourism industry, if the whole supply chain from transport services, airports, hotels, restaurants, tourist destinations has a system to control epidemic well, it will surely create more customer trust from domestic and international customers.

Just think about it, if at one of the chain of tourism activities such as hotels, resorts, bars … for objective or subjective reasons, there are cases of Covid-19, people will know right away via internet and will harm customers’ trust!

Dr. Nguyen Cong Phu – General Director

Master Tran Nam Trung – Deputy General Director

APAVE Asia-Pacific Company

P/s: The article was published in the Saigon Economic Times on July 23, 2020 and the Saigon Economic Times online on July 25, 2020.

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