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Firefighting drill in a high-rise building

However, despite the very clear provisions in the law on fire protection and fighting, the circulars and decrees on awareness of fire safety in an apartment is still an unfinished story.

Potential danger from… residents

The current apartment building is a complex of high-rise buildings with mixed functions, including apartments, commercial, restaurant services, supermarkets, kindergartens, community rooms, garages, entertainment works, cinema.

Therefore, when designing the project’s fire protection and fighting, investors must have synchronous solutions for architecture, structure and electromechanical engineering. During the design process, apply standards to design, then need to be approved by the Police Department of Fire Prevention and Fighting and Rescue, depending on the level of the project.

Vietnam has no shortage of regulations on fire prevention and fighting (fire protection) in general and regulations on fire prevention in apartment areas in particular, but when the apartment is put into use, the compliance of fire safety depends a lot on residents.

There are many reasons that make the enforcement of fire safety regulations ineffective, of which the most important factor is resident’s awareness of compliance with laws and regulations.

Mrs. T.T.H, living in a apartment building, said that before entering the apartment, she did not pay attention to the fire prevention and fighting. Although the investor is equipped with fire protection equipment in the corridor, but only knows there, when asked where to place the fire extinguisher, it takes a while to search for the right place.

In many fire accidents, the cause of the fire is due to the carelessness and subjectivity of residents living in the apartment building. Many people out of the room forget to turn off the electrical systems, lights, sockets, electric cookers … In the garbage disposal areas, people carefree to put inflammable and explosive materials such as paper, plastic bags into the system garbage system.

In many apartment buildings, to facilitate moving between floors, people also block the exit doors with bulky objects, or take advantage of the emergency staircase landing space to put old objects, unused furnitures.

These are the potential risks to ensuring the safety of fire protection and fighting for the people, especially when a fire occurs. Although the apartment management board has reminded and handled it, it is unable to control this situation over 24-7.

Fire protection is always put on the first priority

To solve this situation, apartment developers need to pay more attention to fire safety, always put fire safety on top in design, construction and operation.

At the Compass One project of Tay Ho Group in Chanh Nghia area, Binh Duong provinces, the investor even had to install an escape door monitoring system and technical room door.

Each staircase door and the technical room door have an automatic monitoring system, ensuring the door is always operated in the design state, ensuring absolute safety in case of incidents.

An automatic fire extinguishing system (including fire detector and automatic nozzles) is not only present in the living room, kitchen, but also in each bedroom, ensuring absolute safety when householder is sleeping or is away.

Compass One apartment building, which will be handed over to customers in the 4th quarter of 2020

Dr. Nguyen Cong Phu – General Director of Apave Asia – Pacific Company – the construction supervision consultancy unit of the project said that: “The fire protection issue at Compass One is the criteria to be reviewed, designed and constructed tightly according to the regulations under Apave’s supervision.

The fire protection system at Compass One is quite modern, operating completely automatically, in which smoke detectors, heat alarms, alarms, warning lights … interconnect with speaker systems, elevators, door systems, ventilation and pressurization system, to promptly report fire incidents and guide the nearest and safest escape route.

In addition, for special technical rooms such as transformer rooms, generators, main electrical cabinet rooms, these areas are equipped with a separate fire protection system called AERSOL gas.

AERSOL system uses gas to extinguish a fire, when it meets two conditions with smoke and temperature exceeding the allowable level, due to the use of gas for fire fighting, it does not damage the equipment”.

In addition, investors of high-rise buildings also need to be fully equipped with incident lighting, signposts on the escape routes, and emergency stairs.

In the operation and management, with the motto of prevention rather than treatment, the building management board also needs to strictly comply with the regulations and procedures on fire safety, regularly check the fire protection system, at least once a year with independent and experienced supervision units to understand the status of the system, fire alarms, smoke alarms, fire fighting (water, gas …) electrical equipment, ventilation, smoke extraction … and central control system, door and emergency exit systems, fire safety corridor of the project.

In addition, the apartment’s residents also need detailed instructions and training on fire safety, both to protect their property and to demonstrate the responsibility of each individual for a safe, civilized and modern community.

Indifference can take away the safety of yourself and your family, so fire safety in an apartment is not one’s own story, but it requires awareness, compliance and the highest cooperation from each resident and the administrator of the buildings.


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